Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gorgeous Girl

So, I have a teenager, and she is gorgeous. And that is scary. But she is amazing and is for sure one of my best friends and is a good girl and such a great example to me. I am blessed!
Oh, and she's a dork! :)

The Giraffe

So, my kids all had a favorite toy, but none of them really had a stuffed animal. Our cute neighbor lady gave this darling giraffe to Grant at my baby shower and he loves it! We lay it next to him and it sings him a lullaby and gets him to sleep. I need to come up with a name for said giraffe because he's too cute to be called giraffe and is the topic of many conversations at our house. On the other hand, I kind of want to wait and see what Grant would name him, but I don't want him to be swayed by us calling it "giraffe".....what to do, what to do. But seriously, is this a cute kid or what?!

I love him!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jaundice. UGH!

So, because Grant was born so early, he got a pretty bad case of Jaundice. None of my other kids had this at all, so I was pretty worried. We had to go get several blood tests and we also had to lay him in the sun every day for two hours! I'm so glad that is over. He seemed to really enjoy actually, but I was always worried he would get too hot. The tricky part was, we have so many trees surrounding our house that it was hard to catch the patch of sunlight! It was only available for a few hours a day, so it was kind of a pain. He came through it just fine, FINALLY, after about 6 weeks of it!

Monday, September 28, 2009


We are SO in a fight! You don't even care how I feel, you are selfish and I never want to see you again! Please take my number off your speed dial. You have stood me up ONE too many times!

Baby Grant

So I had invisioned the way I wanted the birth to go. We wanted to have our 3 older girls and my best friend here to witness the birth, and I really wanted to have some great pictures and video of the big moment. Well, you would think that after THIRY ONE HOURS of labor we would have PLENTY of time to get ready and get everyone here. Well, Grant had his own ideas! Because of so many false alarms and such sporadic contractions, everyone went home to get some sleep, have a shower and take care of things. Well, I was only having contractions about every 10 min. At about 8:30 on the night of the 7th (I started contracting the morning of the 6th), they started coming heavy and strong. Melody (our AMAZING midwife) finally let me get in the water. Jay and Melody were frantically calling for back up and I was frantically calling for help with pain relief, but after only a few HARD contractions and one or two pushes, Grant Jay was born at 9:08pm on July 7, 2009. 5lbs 5 oz, 18 inches long, born at 36 and a half weeks-breech, but absolutely perfect!

WAY Behind!

Haha! No pun intended. I am so far "behind", but I want to get the important things in, so here we go! These pictures are SO not flattering, but alas, they are part of the story. So little baby Grant kept trying to come early, but there was a problem: his feet were coming first! So my midwife came up with this Chinese torture position to get him to turn. Seriously, thi s was ALMOST as bad as the worst contractions! I had to stay in this position for 20 min. YOU try it 8 months pregnant! Well, he never turned, but he did pull his feet up, so it was worth it in the end. I think we were watching Wheel of Fortune or something when I was doing this.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Picture Tag!

So I have no idea why my font is blue or underlined, but I have spent 20 min trying to undo it, and it is just gonna have to STAY! So, this is a picture tag-tag to you all! I love tags because I am not creative enough to come up with blogging ideas on my own. Go to your pictures, pick the 6th picture out of the 6th folder, post it and give a description.
This is Jay and I on our honeymoon in the Redwood Forest. One of the coolest places I have ever been! We are at the top of a tram at the top of the forest, and if you look closely, you can see the ocean above the mountains. My honeymoon was the best!!! Jay spoiled me rotten and we had an absolute blast! I want to go again!!!